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Rules are simple! The contest is run in 8 categories thematically related to 8 routes from the project Baltic Heritage Routes. Photograph your greatest moments, new discoveries or the most interesting places while exploring the Baltic nature and cultural routes, next:

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About the project

Project: Baltic Heritage Routes. Development of Heritage Tourism Infrastructure in the South Baltic Area (BHR) was created to improve the tourist offer of the South Baltic region. The area of the Baltic Sea has long been associated only with the summer tourist period and the beach. Today it is gaining a completely new face.

Thanks to the strong cooperation between countries and enterprises, we have the chance to travel quickly between countries and visit up to 4 countries in a few days.

In a group of 11 partners from Poland, Sweden, Germany and Lithuania, we have prepared completely new tourist products. We invite you to discover newly designed cross-border routes. Enjoy the Baltic beauty and embark on your dream trip with Baltic Heritage Routes.


01. Kayaking South Baltic

Kayak is the perfect way to travel around the Baltic Sea region. The proposed route leads through the most beautiful Baltic beaches, dunes, wild forests and picturesque lakes. Take advantage of the possibility of direct observation of extraordinary landscapes, transparent waters, unique flora and fauna - wild mammals, birds and fish in their natural environment. The route has been deliberately planned to avoid major cities.

02. Windsurfing Exploration

The perfect choice for windsurfers and kitesurfers! The route will allow you to discover diverse beaches, coastlines, climates and colors of the sea. It provides stunning scenery, from the white beaches and high cliffs, the Swedish skerries. Explore both known and less popular and frequented surfing spots - discovering them will certainly be an unforgettable challenge. Scheduled surf spots are located at all possible wind exposures, which in effect will provide you with 4 different adventures during only 1 trip and certainly a lot of fun.

03. The Spiritual Roots Of Europe

There are several thousand temples and places related to beliefs and religion in the South Baltic area. For the needs of this route we selected almost 100 various churches, sacred mountains, sanctuaries and prehistoric cemeteries located in 18 locations. Discover the unique history associated with the religiosity of the Baltic peoples who believed in the world of supernatural and mystical creatures. At the same time, immerse yourself in the achievements of Christianity, and also meet the indigenous people of Lithuanian areas who are still cultivating unusual rituals.

04. South Baltic Scenic Coastal Road

Discover the most beautiful panoramas of the Baltic Sea coast. Admire a variety of sea landscapes, marinas or bays, picturesque villages with unique architecture and famous cultural facilities, as well as take advantage of active leisure: sailing, surfing, kayaking, boat trips, bicycle trips and many other possibilities. The above route is an offer for persons looking for romantics relaxation and unique views, as well as for all those who prefer movement and physical activity. The route also offers culinary workshops, theme tours, stays in museums and national parks.

05. National Parks Exploration

This is the best way to get to know the wild side of nature. The route is conducted in such a way that everyone can plan their own trip, depending on the available time. You can choose any parks and your own way to explore nature: bike trips, kayaking, hiking or horse riding. The route includes unique natural attractions inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but also museums or activities on local farms.

06. The Griffits’ Route

What connects castles located on the Polish and German coasts with the history of Scandinavia? Travel to the world of secrets and adventures by choosing the above route and discover why the symbol of Pomerania is the Griffin. You will discover museums and unique castles of a lost principality that was ruled by an extraordinary dynasty. Cover their history, numerous romances, secrets, as well as relationships with the Templar and Teutonic Knights.

07. Wildlife Nature Trails

Visit the sandy beaches and hilly areas of the Swedish region of Skania, numerous nature reserves, the unique islands of Ven and Ivö, and try fishing on the river Mörrum, which with its unique wealth attracts tourists from all over the world. The proposed route will allow you to fully discover the coastal nature of the Baltic Sea. Dive into the Lithuanian lake Płótele, hike on the unique beaches of the island of Usedom, take a bike trip around the German Greifswald, observe the birds of the Samogitian National Park and canoe through the Kashubian lakes.

08. World of Fishermen

The journey leads you along the coast of the South Baltic Sea through small fishing ports, where fishermen still spend their days in local waters and work hard to catch for fresh fish. The area around the route is filled with maritime character - boats and fishing equipment, local crafts and opportunities to buy fresh fish. During your trip you will visit unique restaurants serving seafood and offering meals prepared according to traditional recipes based on regional fish.